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US 5th / West 31st

Just one tier.

US 4th / West 26th 10man

US 5th / West 34th 10man

US 7th / West 41st

Currently Recruiting(Badly):
Elemental Shaman / Holy Paladin / Warlock
Countdown to WoD
Who thought of bringing out the shoutbox? That man is a genius!
ubrs major letdown.
Warcraftlogs is pulling some serious bullshit with the rankings
Quitting for a month, see you in WoD
this chat is awful
100k that its only this one time
Any bets on how many more times maintenance will be extended?
Hosting 2014 Canadian Blizzcon in Ottawa on the 9th. Free booze, moose jerkey, maple syrup and bagged milk for all
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