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US 5th / West 31st

Just one tier.

US 4th / West 26th 10man

US 5th / West 34th 10man

US 7th / West 41st

Currently Recruiting(Badly):
Elemental Shaman / Holy Paladin / Warlock
Countdown to WoD
Who ever is down voting people for no reason, knock that shit off or I'll never donate to this shit again.
WoD in 20 days? Cool, I still have time to buy it, then.
the shoutboxxxxxxx
RIP alchemy and everyone that has changed their toons to it
Who thought of bringing out the shoutbox? That man is a genius!
ubrs major letdown.
Warcraftlogs is pulling some serious bullshit with the rankings
Quitting for a month, see you in WoD
You do not have access to shout
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